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Saturday July 20, 2024

HEAD organize an Awareness Campaign on Earth day 2021

Thursday April 22, 2021

HEAD organize an Awareness Campaign on Earth day 2021

Human Environmental Association for Development (HEAD) organize an Awareness Campaign with the students of Colette Academy -Jbeil
 Colette Music's Home painting competition and video prepared with kids from 5 to 14 years old about how changing habits and practices needs to be educated from a young age for generations that carry sufficient awareness to preserve their environment, their home, their health, and their lives. Earth Day is in fact the day of a man and the day of his continued existence. It is every day!
ٍSorting from Sources, Reducing then Recycling. In addition to this, how we can protect our freshwater sources, rivers, and seas how preserving and increasing forests and green areas, instead of cutting trees and shifting to desertification and random construction.
This activity is supporting by the European Union and @BeMed under the projects of Bahr Bala Plastic بحر بلا بلاستيك
 and Beyond Plastic Med - BeMed
 and implemented by Lebanese @EcoMouvement and @LebaneseEnvironmentForum in collaboration with Colette Khoury Youssef
Join us on Friday, April 23rd,at 10:00am in the School of Colette Music's Home

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