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Saturday July 20, 2024

Lebanese beach clean-up campaign on World Environment Day

Friday June 04, 2021

Lebanese beach clean-up campaign on World Environment Day

As part of the “Clean up The Med”, the Human Environmental Association for Development (HEAD) and the Green Party of Lebanon, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, and the municipalities of Byblos, Blat, Mastita, Qartaboun, launched a “Clean up Beaches and Marine Litter” Campaign under the framework of "A Commitment to a Plastics -Free Mediterranean Sea" supported by BeMed and Monsef Fidar, Saidon supported by European Union . This activity coincided with the campaign to clean the Lebanese beach in several places, including Tyre, Beirut, Aqaybe, Amchit, Kafarabida and Tripoli, extending from north to south. Similar cleanups were conducted in 21 countries across the Mediterranean.
The goal of this campaign is to continuously raise awareness of the waste residues found in the sea and on the beach (we can provide you later the quantities), especially plastic waste. It is known that it is a major environmental problem that represents a global concern, and it has reached high levels with the presence of about one hundred million tons of plastic currently in the oceans.
Our campaign is an awareness campaign sorting all Marine Litter waste from sources especially plastic and collecting it to be recycled in a factory affiliated with the "Human Environmental Association for Development", which was established specifically to transform plastic bottle caps into beautiful things that the Lebanese and tourists can use at a low price and help find green jobs and move the wheel of the economy.
In addition to the organizers, volunteers from the local community participated in this campaign, the American University of Technology AUT, the Scouts of Lebanon, the Maronite Scouts, the Environmental Scouts, the Cedars Scouts, the Byblos Scouts, the YWCA, students of the Colette Academy of Music,GreenWorks,Amwaj,Lebanese Environment Forum,Badri Scout, Arab Scout, Care Association, Civil Council for Addiction Control, Welfare Association, People’s Rescue Regiment, Zira Friends Association of Saida Beach, Development Association for Man and the Environment, Society for the Protection of Nature is Our Duty, Our Goal Association, the private and Public sector.
An electronic platform was created in this pandemic to encourage scouts, students, and the local community to participate and each participant received a certificate of participation signed by the organizers and the "Live Love Lebanon" association.

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